Customer Testimonials


I have a more relaxing and restful sleep and no dry mouth!

I have been using Dr. Cass’ hemp oil since meeting her at a presentation she gave in October of 2018. I felt the benefits in the first week! I felt calmer, a soothing of frayed nerves. I have had trouble sleeping for a number of years and have been using cannabis and while I would sleep, the cannabis would dry out my mouth. I have stopped using cannabis and now I just use Dr Cass’ Hemp Oil and I have a more relaxing and restful sleep and no dry mouth!

I have noted an improvement in my skin, with less inflammation and redness. On a recent visit to the dentist I needed to have two crowns and the trauma to my gums and mouth was great. When I was taking my daily doses of hemp oil I would swish the oil around my tender gums and doing this accelerated my healing! I have tried other hemp oils and find that Dr Cass’ Hemp oil is THE BEST! Made with full spectrum hemp extract, mct oil, a wonderful lemon taste, and great care, this is the ONLY Hemp oil I will use!”

– Susan G.

drcass-leaf.pngI feel calmer, more focused and more even-keeled throughout my day and have been sleeping deeply through the night.

“Attending Dr. Hyla Cass’s presentation on the benefits of CBD was truly enlightening. I was struck by the wide-reaching benefits of CBD for so many physical and mental ailments. I immediately began using her 1500 mg Hemp Oil and have been noticing amazing and immediate results. I take 25mg in the morning and the same again at night. I feel calmer, more focused and more even-keeled throughout my day and have been sleeping deeply through the night. I have begun using the oil topically and notice skin blemishes or scratches healing even faster than usual. My father in New Hampshire heard about my results and wanted some for himself!”

– Darcy H.

drcass-leaf.pngAssisted me greatly with worry and sleep!

“I hI been enjoying using your Hemp Oil Extract. For quite a while, I’ve been struggling with worry and sleep. I had difficulty getting to sleep and sleeping through the night. Taking a dropper a few times a day, starting in the late afternoon, has assisted me greatly in sleeping. The oil helps to calm the “racing” feeling in my body, alleviating my feelings of anxiety.”

Loses O. 

Helped with daughter's worry and stress -saved her birthday!

“I have recently been using Dr. Cass’ Hemp oil and had an amazing experience of its effectiveness with my daughter who suffers from extreme bouts of worry and stress. I had mentioned to her that after listening to a lecture from Dr. Cass, that the hemp oil might be helpful to her. Of course, she wasn’t interested. Then a few weeks later, she was in a full blown attack of nerves, canceling her birthday celebration, and asking me to send everyone away.

I quickly grabbed the Hemp oil and begged her to trust me and try it, as I put it under her tongue. My daughter previously had never been able to pull herself out of an attack like this one. Not only did we create a different birthday celebration, but she was fully present and enjoyed that day. I saw with my own eyes a complete transformation with the use of only one dosage!! She now has her own reserve of Dr Cass’ Hemp oil and can use it whenever she needs it! Thank you so much!!!”

– DS

drcass-leaf.png Amazing results for elderly parents!

“My mother and father, 91 and 94 respectively, have been on their fair share of pharmaceuticals, none of which led to any health benefits. During a health scare, which involved my mother, my father abruptly stopped taking his high blood pressure medication, heart medication, his cholesterol medication and his pain medication for a condition called trigeminal neuralgia (chronic facial pain). During my mother’s hospital stay, my father began showing signs of distress so I began giving him Dr. Cass’ CBD, which helped tremendously in the process of his body eliminating all the drugs he had been taking for so long.

My mother has dementia and my father has a pacemaker and had quintuple bypass surgery. Both of my parents had already been using CBD when I encountered Dr. Cass’ CBD formula. I could see the marked difference in my parents responsiveness to Dr. Cass’ formula. There is such a difference in the morning prior to taking their first dose, after which they become much more relaxed, focused and connected to themselves and each other and the events around them.

After he quit his strong pain medication for trigeminal neuralgia for 18 years, I was worried! I administered other brands of CBD oil without much effect until discovering Dr. Cass Hemp Oil. The good news is that within 2 months of using Dr. Cass’ CBD, all the symptoms were gone. I am grateful for the quality of Dr. Cass’ CBD and entrust my parent’s well-being to Dr. Cass’ Formula.”

– Doreen R.