The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free [Digital Download]

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The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free [Digital Download]
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If you…

  • Require caffeine or sugar to help you wake up and/or get through the day
  • Turn to alcohol or other substances to help you relax and unwind
  • Hide how much you eat, drink, or smoke
  • Are concerned about your current dependence on antidepressant or other mood-altering medications
  • Have been in recovery, but still have cravings

Then you need to know…

You are not a weak or “bad” person. Your brain chemistry is out of balance. The good news is you can take control to “re-tune” your body and brain to feel better than ever. Learn how the correct combination of healthy diet and specific nutritional supplements can correct these problems and reclaim your happiness and well being. This book is about addiction; yours, that of your friends and relatives, and really, of our society as a whole. For starters, my approach to addiction is not that of mainstream or conventional medical care. No surprise here! I have been alarmed at the growing problems of addiction in all areas (food, drugs, medications, and activities) leading to a great deal of suffering by those directly and indirectly affected. The way it’s being treated, or not treated, is equally upsetting, which led me to write and speak on natural approaches to addiction whenever I can.

The Quick and Natural Way to End Addiction to:

  • Sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Prescription
  • Illicit Drugs

I’m excited to share this information with you, so you can understand how addiction works insidiously on your brain, body, and every aspect of your life, and how you can take back control – or help someone else who has lost their way here. I have spent many years in medical practice, helping to repair the damage done by poor food choices, unhealthy substances, and inadequate medical care to treat it. Here’s what I would like to see, and I urge you to jump on board with me to make the changes, in yourself first, in those around you, and in the broken system that knowingly or not, fosters addiction.


What is addiction and why does there seem to be an epidemic of it? Some of the issues that seem obvious to me are:

  • Rampant food addiction, fostered by the food industry, with addictiveness built into our chips and sodas and jumbo burgers, just like tobacco industry scandals. So dieting to lose weight won’t help, since you’ll be back eating it all (and regaining the weight) before you know it – unless you know how to change your brain!
  • The scandal of prescription medicine addiction created by doctors and fostered by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Mistreatment of addiction by the medical profession in ‘revolving door’ addiction treatment centers. I am truly tired of seeing the failure of most addiction treatment programs, with 60-90% relapse rates. The staff is often very dedicated, and the clients committed, but the process of recovery still remains very difficult.

What I’m introducing here is a deeper look ‘under the hood” – ie, into your brain chemistry, to see how we can correct the underlying imbalance, ending addiction rather than simply trying to control it. I’d like to see widespread availability healthy non-addictive food, far less use of medications for every little symptom, and the adoption by the addiction treatment community of the information I am presenting here. I don’t see addiction as being a sign of weakness or poor character. Rather, it’s a biochemical imbalance that once corrected, can create a major shift in your brain and belief systems – and even, remove your cravings for whatever had been sought after so passionately and relentlessly. Possible? Yup.

I’ll explain the underpinnings of addiction – how it starts, what occurs in your body and brain, and how to overcome it. The concepts are simple and readily applicable – in the comfort of your own home.